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4-Fluoromethamphetamine (abbreviated 4-FMA) is a synthetic substituted amphetamine with stimulant, entactogenic and purported nootropic effects. Many users describe it subjectively as displaying properties and effects somewhere in spectrum between 4-FA and 2-FMA, but with subtle variations in its pharmacodynamics, kinetics and side effect profile that make it less desirable than either.



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Buy 4-FMA Online 99.9% Quality Purity Online is a stimulant drug related to methamphetamine 4-fluoroamphetamine.

The effect is similar to 4-FMP, though it seems is stronger and longer lasting. 4-FMA is a CYP450 inhibitor, which means that this research chemical prevents the metamphetamine metabolism. This increases its potency and duration of the effect. Would you like to buy 4-FMA? The recommended dose for 4-FMA is around 50mg for small effect, up to 200mg for a more powerful effect.
Of these, it is one of the least potent and popular fluorinated designer amphetamine in the series.

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