How Long Does Ecstasy Take to Kick In?

The recommended dose of ecstasy or molly is 50 – 125 mg depending upon the age group and the severity of the condition for which it is being used. The commonly known period for ecstasy to start producing its effects is 30 – 60 minutes though it reaches its full concentration in blood in about 2 hours. It is recommended to use ecstasy in a comfortable setting and a period of 30 – 60 minutes is good enough for making suitable arrangements. It is also advised that ecstasy is not to be taken with any other drug and especially alcohol in order to enhance the effects of the drug as the mixture of various drugs with ecstasy can cause problems for the users.

The half-life of the drug is around seven hours so this is the period for which the effects of ecstasy are expected to last.

How Long Does Ecstasy Take to Leave System?

Ecstasy is like any other drug and can be detected in blood or urine through a drug test. The usual time period for ecstasy to stay in the system is 2 – 4 days depending upon the dose administered as well as the metabolic response of the body. The commonly studied time period of detecting ecstasy in human blood is around 3 – 4 days while the commonly known period for detection of ecstasy in urine is around 2 days.

In addition to blood and hair, the residue of the drug is also stored in the hair follicles of the human body where it can be stored for months.

Ecstasy High Symptoms

Ecstasy is a psychedelic and hallucinogenic drug which produces feelings of euphoria, drowsiness and visual effects on the closing of the eyes. Ecstasy helps in sleeping and on the closing of the eyes, soothing visuals are experienced by the users. The visuals help in getting over or recovering from traumas and stress disorder. Due to the eminence of such effects of ecstasy, it is commonly prescribed in MDMA therapy.

Ecstasy Vs Molly High

Ecstasy and Molly are actually the two slang words used for the chemical product MDMA which belongs to the amphetamine class. The ecstasy and molly high is known to be one of the greatest feelings experienced by the users and gives strength to its use as a recreational or party drug.

What Do E Pills Do To You?

E pills’ is a shorter term used for the ecstasy or blue pills commonly prescribed as sleeping pills. The effects of E pills on the human body is such that it produces psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects. E pills are also used by the people for aiding in sleeping and getting over anxiety and stress.

Ecstasy Side Effects Next Day

The side effects of ecstasy are experienced when the feelings of high wear down. A high dose or unauthorized use of the drug increases the chances of the side effects. Some of the common side effects are anxiety and impulsivity. The side effects also include feelings of cold and hot, dizziness and problems in sleeping.

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